3 Made a decision to trust and takeman standing in the middle of woods instruction from our mentor who has proven to have and continues to walk in good character and who is also willing to receive honest questions and help along those lines as needed themselves too.

I found someone to learn from


I need to put into action what I’m being taught.

I need to stop being tempted to stray from the steps I need to take by emails and shiny objects that say they are short-cuts and take the next step in the training with the support I’m being given.

Easier said than done.person lettering on tracing paper using mechanical pencil

Deciding I needed help was one thing, now actually taking action and applying the help is a completely different thing all together.

I had bought tons of online training and courses for months AND I WENT Through them, OK, some of them, most are collecting digital dust in the dark shelves of my hard drive somewhere.

Just because I’ve read something or watched some videos or whatever Does Not Mean That I Really Learned Anything, it just means I may have seen or heard it.

No Action and No Proof IS PROOF in itself.

Information overload is a deceptive beast.

I find that sometimes I feel like saying I know this or that already…but I have to remind myself that even though I “Feel” like I “Know” I’m not making a living from an online business but this person is, so maybe I need to just “DO” / “PUT INTO ACTION” what I am Paying for… Instructions to become successful online.

Support that is offered must still be taken.

woman reaching hand above water during daytime photo

I paid for good training and support, so I need to take that help.

No one can take the help for me. I need to schedule the calls and send the emails and keep putting myself in the support system so I get my money’s worth from everything I’ve paid for, which includes help!

Just because I paid for help or the course comes with calls I can book does not mean that I am taking advantage of it.

I need to receive it and apply the instruction I gain from it, even if it’s to keep steady on track, and especially if I need to make adjustments.

Finding out what works for myself is important too.

black metal ladder leaning on white wallIf I do better with emails then I need to create tickets and work with emails.

If I know I do better with video calls or phone calls then I need to do that.

If It’s a combination then that!.

I find myself having to try whatever is available and then taking action for my own sake by scheduling time into my schedule to request and get support.

Two quotes I love for online business especially.

  • Imperfect ACTION is better than Perfect In-Action – Harry Truman
  • Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I need to let myself be a student.

What matters in great part is that once I made the decision to go down the road of training that I GO!

My current perspective.

realization that this will probably take TIME

At least 4-6 mos before I have ANY ROI in the form of $s (which is typically the only kind of return anyone watching me will be looking for, and they are watching and looking ALL THE TIME)

My on-going goals

  • Finding
  • Reevaluating
  • Adjusting

My focus

man in black jacket taking picture with DSLR camera on road

I need to be keeping on track

Tune out the so

-called help and advice of others who are not in alignment with the instructor and training I paid for at this time.

Short-cuts that stop me from going and growing through the training I paid for are wasting my time and money and could get me lost.

Guard yourself

If you think something is Not Right then say something.

If you find that the training or mentor is Not a right fit then move on to something else.

If people try to help you by telling you something is not good and you trust them then find out if what they say is true.

If someone is trying to help by telling you to stop but they are not offering anything to replace the training you’ve already paid for then how is that really helpful?

Where are you at?five person by table watching turned on white iMac

Do you have a training you’re going through, is it working?

Have people been trying to get you to stop what you are doing without even offering something to do in it’s place?

Are you looking for a mentor or some good training?

What I’m doing while I’m writing this blog.

This blog is the result of following instructions as a part of a training course I’m taking to learn to create and promote and sell a product of my own online.

I’m learning a lot more than just how to create a product though.

If you are wanting to find something that may be a good fit for you then please check it out Here for yourself and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


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    • Marcel van de Kerkhof

      Hey Victor,

      This is a great post!
      Best Regards,


    • Dennis

      I agree.
      It’s easy to listen to instruction, hard to actually do what has been instructed.

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