I have to start blogging

So this is my start! brown pencil on white book page

Since I paid for the training, I should do what I’m taught, right?

This sounds easy, but in practice I can say that many times I’ve paid for some training online and then just put it on the shelf, or worse, went through it and then did Not Do IT!

For whatever reasons it is a lot easier to “listen, read, go through” training than it is to actually “Do IT”.

“Feel” like I did something

Looking back I can see that many times I’d spend a little money on something just to “Feel” like I did something, but in truth I only did some shopping therapy and called it something else.

I was caught up in lies.   Here are 2 Lies that perpetuate non-action

1  Spending = Doing


This is one of the biggest lies because I get that rush of spending money on a dream, as if it’s an investment but then I don’t take any action that leads to any progress with the purchase that was made.

2 Having = Progress

I have bought Image libraries, media apps, PLRs, and all kinds of training that I NEVER USED!

I’ve decided to try to do what I’m being instructed

In this new journey I’m on I’ve decided to try to do what I’m being instructed.Nike #just do it text

Part of what I’m being told to do is to share in a blog.
So big or small, I’m going to start posting in my blog.

This is my journey

I’m not the only person on a journey like this, but this is my journey and maybe it’ll help someone else who reads it so I’m glad to share.

Some things I’ve already started to do.

Building a blog-site

You’re looking at it! YAY!

Really, this is just a matter of watching the training and DOING WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT!

Create a way for people to sign up for my blog updates.

This is another step in taking action for me.  Again, all I needed to do was follow the instructions and..


You can be added to my list by using the “Connect With Victor” form on this site, fill it out below to see some results of what I did, by following instructions for that.

Create a lead magnet

I have created a lead magnet!

You can get it for yourself today by clicking on the “Grab My Free Report” button after filling in your name and email address on this site if you like!

It’s a way for people who are interested in online business to get a copy of a good PDF that shares why a lot of people fail online, but more importantly shares a possible way to succeed too.

This Short E-book/PDF describes One key way that a Lot of People get lost in the world of online business and never find anything that works.

Thankfully, it also describes a way people can consider if they haven’t yet too.

How about you?

How many adventures in online business have you tried?
Have any really worked, or did you run into some of the problems I have?
Please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll be happy to respond when I can.

Connect with me person using black iPad

Connect with me using the sign-up form on my site and I’ll share my journey with you as I continue on it.

Also, get a copy of the report called “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online” for yourself and find out about a way that may be worth looking into while you’re at it.




    3 replies to "I have to start blogging"

    • Marlene Roberson

      HI Victor

      You made a great start, keep up the good work 🙂

    • Lewis Anderson

      Hi Victor, nice to read and the blog looks great too. I was wondering how you managed to get the table of contents up in the beginning if the post?


      • victor aramanda

        Hi Lewis! 🙂
        I use a great free WP Plugin I found called “Easy Table of Contents”
        On your WP site you can go to “add New Plugin”
        Search for “Easy Table of Contents”
        Install it
        Activate it
        then on the plugin you can adjust the many settings how you want them!
        That’s it.
        I really recommend it since it’s powerful and simple, well supported AND FREE too!
        Let me know if you have any other questions.
        Here are some screenshots that show what I’ve described too if it helps (1 image combined…)

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