I Came to believe that a successful online business mentor who promotes and demonstrates good character could help restore me to sanity.man standing on ropes

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Since I recognized I can NOT do this on my own, I look for help from someone I think I can trust.

In Step 1 I was willing to be honest about the state of my online business success. There wasn’t any success from buying shiny objects only debt and an addiction to hopes and dreams built on lies to take my money.

Now that I could admit I needed help, and I was powerless, I knew I needed to find the help from someone who understood what was happening, how to break the cycle and how to help me get to where I wanted to go.

How could I find someone or some training to help, where could I start, what could I be on the lookout for?

Qualities to look for in a Coach, Trainer, Mentor… and their Training

Good Character




What kind of fruit do I want?

What kind of tree do I want to become?

What are my true goals?

How can I reach my goals, oh, AND live with myself?

Know a tree by its fruit?

Does the ends justify the means?

My short answer is No.person in black hoodie using laptop computer

Most of the time I hear this being said it is being spoken by someone who is trying to justify having said or done something bad.

It’s often closely prefaced with or followed by a close relative of a saying “I can ask for forgiveness later”, which seems to imply “If I get caught…(saying or doing something bad)”

Without the right means I’ll never get the ends I hope to get to.

So much in life and business depend on what we believe, I’m speaking of the inner core of who I am and my actions will either confirm what I say or betray what I say.

Good training?

What is good training to me?

  • Can I understand what I’m being taught?
  • Can I put it into action?
  • Do I get the expected results?

What is the actual Cost?person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknote

  • Money
  • Time
  • COmmitment

What is the Business?

Making and supporting software
Making and supporting training
Making 1-time training
Affiliate Marketing
Membership site of some kind
Coaching of some kind
Combination of all of the above

Personally I found help in one place for some things and in another place for other things.

For my journey it turns out that I needed help getting to the reality that building a successful online business would take more time and effort than I originally hoped or even had been told by a bunch of dream-selling churn and burn shiny object product creating marketers.

I had 2 key areas of change that needed to happen in my beliefs about online business in order to make a healthy and realistic commitment.

How long was it going to take.person wearing brown and white watch

Good training from someone you can learn from and receive it from is key.

I needed to realize it was going to take more time than I wanted it to take, AND that it was a good thing and OK!

No solid online business I could build and trust in was going to come from a get rich scheme.

It was going to take time and work and even some money, (how much money and time depend on a LOT of other factors, maybe that will be a good post one day…). I had to get to a place that I understood and was willing to commit to the time and work and even expense before I could really do anything.

Just because it’s simple does not mean it’s easy.

Simple plans and methods to create a solid business online does not mean easy.

Find the right road for myself.

I had to find a business model I wanted to do.

I had to find someone and some training I could trust for myself.

Ultimately I’m building my business, no-one is doing it for me.

I can get help and put myself alongside of others with like minds, but I still need to build my own business never the less.

It’s good to check where things are at and make adjustments as I go.

Some of my clarity of what to do next has come from being honest about what I’d like to do or not, as well as from being honest with myself about whether I could afford some training / coaching or not.

One destination, several highways on the journey.aerial photography of gray concrete roads

Highway of E-Com

I tried creating an online shop.

I had good training to follow, but in the end it just wasn’t for me.

Highway of Affiliate Paid-Ad Super-stardom!

I found a training program that was a minimum of a 1 yr commitment and recognized that ultimately it was not the right fit for me.

Great training, great community, leadership and coaching, just not the right fit for me.

Highway of Joining someone else’s dream

I found a great mentor, learned a LOT! But still needed to find my own path.

I wanted to get in with the core group of what this one program was doing but in the end I had to recognize it wasn’t going to be possible for me.

Great community, great training.

I’ve made some great online business acquaintances and will continue to build them as I’m able to as things continue.

Highway of creating products

This is part of the journey I’m on now. To get more detailed information about it look Here.

Great step by step training.

Some big caution signs in the road

caution lane

What if the system I’m learning from has been the source of a lot of marketers and product creators I don’t want to be like?

I need to stick with some helpful sayings and stay on my steady path even though I may be walking along near some who’s roads I’ll avoid.

Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

Death by association?

What kind of associations will hurt what kind of businesses and based on whose words of advice / wisdom/ and judgement?

Don’t promote bad stuff.

Be honest.

Don’t get caught up in “I scratch your back you scratch mine” reciprocation commitments without a clause of some kind that in simple terms states ..”I will Not Promote What I cannot Support or encourage”.. or just don’t say you’ll reciprocate in the first place…

Blind reciprocation is a simple way to ruin your own reputation by associating it with a bad product, training or service.

Distractions along the way

I have encountered A TON OF possible distractions in the form of new offers for more training and trinkets all along the way…I’m choosing to re-focus and keep reminding myself to just Stay the course anyway.

If you decide to try this Path then I’ll challenge you to stay true to your good morals and do your best to not be swayed away from honesty, integrity, and transparency.

I’ve met some people who’ve made money online that say it cannot be done without putting your morals aside along with also saying that I’ll need to reciprocate marketing garbage if I expect any help in any marketing…I simply say this.

No thanks.

I Choose to do right as best I can, no matter what.

Good business people exist online

Good business people exist online, it’s worth it in the long run to find them and become a part of them if you are able to.

I know of several online communities of honest online business men and women who will be great to partner with.

Where are you at in your journey?

Have you been able to stop buying shiny objects?

When are you most tempted to waste your time and money?

Have you experienced bad training or bad gurus?

Need help in finding some training or a trainer you can trust?  Just ask and I’ll try to share one or two you can try before you even have to spend anything…

I’m working through a 60 day action plan at this time

It’s a plan to create and promote a product of my own. It involves a lot of steps along the way.

Some of the steps include creating a blog, this one you’re reading, also creating contact pages, lead magnets, and so much more!

The nice thing is that each step is taught by easy to follow instructions that often include videos and check lists… To get more detailed information about it look Here.


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