man in black jacket and blue denim jeans sitting on motorcycle on shore during daytimeAfter a few years of trying to search and find how online business can work


After a few years of trying to search and find how online business can work, or what kinds there are and how they work…

I’m now looking into one where you get step by step help, you can see more about it Here if you like.

  • Step by step help in creating an electronic product of some kind.
  • Step by step help in learning how to promote and sale it.
  • Maybe most importantly, even how to repeat the process too!

I like learning as well as trying things to find out what is what and then sharing what I learn with others so maybe we all don’t have to learn things the hard way.

What’s the same and what’s different?three sparkler sticks

The Same….

Another business model, another plan of action and training to implement and see what happens.

The Different….

A new instructor, hopefully someone trustworthy who is not just taking my time and money without actually providing some good thing in return.

Good Things?

Instruction and Action without too much hype or too much overload.

I’ve seen a whole lot of hype over the past year and a half for sure, a lot of garbage courses and online application – get -rich- quick schemes and “ways to make it all happen” too.

So Why This One and Now?  What happen to the “Last Great Thing?”

I’ll address this in reverse

The “Last Great Thing” Is Still great, But…

I say “but” because it is working, but I know that there is more I feel that I need to do.

What was “The Last Thing”?

How to create a video channel on YouTube and do several things at one time.

Here’s my Channel.

Things I’ve learned how to do using YouTube and a website

  • Help People new to online business to start seeing what is going on in a fast and flashy market space that can really take advantage of their naivety and inexperience.
  • Establish authority by being honest and transparent and letting others know they can be too, especially in the shark infested waters of the online business world.
  • Learn a way of building email lists
  • Make money with affiliate marketing in an honest way
  • Take advantage of online traffic that comes from marketing buzz of people trying to learn about new training and software

Why not just keep keeping on with my channel alone?

Some people can say that it’ll become something more significant if I just Keep, Keeping-on making my videos and stuff .

I do believe they are correct to a degree, but only to a degree.

Currently my channel has over 100 videos.

It also has a blog that is partly auto-generated from the videos.

Most of those videos are what people call “Reviews”

There are 3 core ways to make money online with a YT channel

Affiliate marketing, where you make a commission from sales made by your promotion of products/training/ or services…

Selling your own products/services and training.

Google Monetization, This is where after gaining (at the time of this post) a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000hrs of viewing time of your channel…Youtube lets you get paid from allowing them to put their advertising on your videos which have created viewing traffic.

I recently hit another milestone where my channel can have a better URL….

instead of a URL that is just YouTube….and my channel id, it is now

Each of these methods have ups and downs and they take hard and focused work to make happen.

So what about my channel and experience

It is successful!   Even while I’ve needed to step away from it for a season of time it is still growing!

It has taken a LOT OF WORK and TIME to get it where it is, and I want it to keep growing, but I also want to learn how the business of creating tools to help others can work as well as eventually learn and understand how online membership sites work too.

When I begin to create more videos on a regular basis again it will grow even more, but I want to learn and start building this side of things too now.

What is “This Side of Things?”

If you consider that the YouTube channel is a way to create, take advantage of, and maintain a flow of traffic, then at some point it makes sense to learn of different ways to do business along these lines.

With the internet and how things can be extremely connected it also makes sense to learn how to grow more then one thing at once if and when possible to build something that has more then one avenue of success and ultimately more then one stream of income and traffic reliance too…

I want to heed the instruction of successful online folk I’ve been learning from along the way where they all say similar things…

Things successful online entrepreneurs have said over and over

Don’t limit yourself to 1 single stream of income online because WHEN IT CHANGES, (important note: not if it changes), your stream can dry up over night, literally

FOCUS on One thing at a time. Without focus you’ll never finish anything so it can become one of your possible streams

Find a path and Stay On Course until you see it through, (I’ll interject, to an end you know is right for yourself.)

Some hard lessons I’ve learned so far myselfIII Adventures and lessons learned text on open book page

It’s important to find someone you can trust with training you can trust and then stick with it.

If you pay for the training then take action or you’ll never know if it is any good or not.

If you cannot afford the training or online business or coaching then maybe it is not the right one for you. (unless debt is ok with you…but you may still need to decide when too much debt is too much).

When you take action and find out that something is not working like you were told then stop and reset, BUT WAIT… Resetting can take MONTHS of time!  Every Time!

My Current Run

The training I’m sharing this journey with you about can be found Here

I’d heard some people say they don’t like or trust this training but no-one has actually said why.

I kind of steered away from it for a while but after speaking with someone whose gone through it successfully and who seems very honest I thought I’d like to give it an honest try and share my experience about it all from my point of view.


Soon I hope to share about learning to count the costs of online business and considering the return on investments, I mean investments with and “S” at the end, it is never just about money.

To your online health,

Victor Aramanda

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