Step 1 Admit I struggle with Shiny Objects

1 We admitted we were powerless over shiny objects—that our online business lives had become unmanageable.

Step 1 sounds Easybrown wooden blocks on white surface

It sounds easy enough, just admit my state of reality right?
I was a struggling online business entrepreneur who was NOT MAKING ANY MONEY.

I did NOT want to admit this

No, I did NOT want to admit this truth, much less take actions to stop the leaking money holes in my life.
Stopping had a connotation to it that left me feeling empty, hopeless, and as if the only future was a bleak and painfully dark one where existence was never going to get better.

Spending money “Felt” like I was “Doing”

Spending money “Felt” like I was “Doing” something in a direction of hope.

But there is the rub, it was only a short-term “feeling” I was getting and in part because it was being built on lies that I did not want to face.

Lieswhite bird on brown and black rock

Lies about what was happening and not happening.

Lies about being productive verses not really getting anywhere.

Lies about who was helping and who was not really helping.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to admit to myself was where all my training and learning and money I had spent had actually gotten me. IN MORE DEBT!

Admitting I was NOT Making money

Admitting I was NOT Making money, but only had spent a lot of money online was not easy, but it was a super healthy step in the process of changing for the better and recognizing I needed help in changing.


If I Was acting powerless, doing / paying for things I didn’t want, wasn’t that proof that I was powerless?

How’d I get started on the shiny object road?

Several years ago I was trying to “Do” what I was being taught in an expensive online training course and began to see little online software launches that appeared to be providing solutions to my struggles, or so I’d hoped.

I was suppose to do x, y, and z as part of all the other things to grow my business and shiny object software started to appear like magic in my emails and in my social media streams.

I started believing the marketing campaigning slimy shark, dream-seller’s lines instead of testing to see if their products measured up to their sales hype, TRUTH IS THAT MOST DID NOT.

I needed to stop buying their products, no, the dreams they said their products would make real!

I was spending money on dreams

I had to see I was spending money on dreams, they were taking advantage of my hopes and not delivering on their promises to save me time and money, rather they were just getting me hooked on the hope that I could save time and money with their help and shiny object software or shady training.
I needed to stop! It was time for change, and I found some bits of hope in bits of truth I started hearing and seeing in some videos.

Honest Software Review Videos?brown wooden blocks on white surface

One day I was considering spending money on another new shiny-object-software and I did a search for a video review proceeded with the words, “Honest Review of …”

The video I came across floored me! This guy was tearing apart the software and sharing how the vendor/creator of the software was a prolific shiny-object software peddling shady sales person who only wanted to get people hooked on buying garbage.

That the vendor’s real goal was to get customers on an email list for endless cycles of more of the same.

I’d never seen or heard someone being so blunt about garbage software or the garbage tactics being used to take advantage of me before.

This was a beginning.  I had been stopped in my tracks by someone be-rating a slimy sales person, their tactics and being honest about the software long enough for me to see the truth in what was being said.

It was refreshing and eye-opening too!


I’d found someone who was being honest about online business, and it was great!
He had training that would allow me to see if what he said was true or not for myself without all the hype.

I know the training I’d found was not the only one out there, that this person was not the only honest business person out there, BUT this is the one I’d found in an ocean filled with the opposite.

Most of the software reviewers and their reviews only were trying to get me to make a purchase from them,

Most were NOT BEING HONEST.  Sometimes I have even come across people creating reviews where they literally said things like… “This product I’m promoting is garbage, but if you buy it through my link then you can have these ‘bonuses’…” the sad thing is that I made some of those purchases…

I was hooked! Powerless!

Proof of my powerless actions!

My actions and bank account, and jvZoo account, and Warrior+ account, and Computer hard drive were all full of Proof that I had been acting powerless!

Admitting I was powerless and still buying shiny objects was step 1

A big part of taking this first step was allowing myself to get to a place to realize the true state that my “online business was in.” It was in DEBT and I was still buying dreams and garbage instead of real help and training.

Where are you?

Are you in this trap?

Have you been?

Have you gotten out?

Please ask me any questions you like and I’ll try to answer if I can.

Next Time… Step 2 to Freedom From Shiny Objects

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    • Kneller Fernandes

      Great article Victor,
      Been there, done that with the shinny object syndrome. Hopefully, I am a bit more cautious now on what I spend my hard earned money on. But, occasionally I do fall prey. 🙂

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