I’m Victor. 

An Eye-opening Experience!

Years back I got a phone call letting me know that a large company I worked for in the past “no longer had a need for my position” and that it was going to end after the phone call!
The job I’d worked to pay my bills for several years had given me no notice at all and I was reminded how much security there really is in the world of big business.
I don’t hold it against anyone I had worked with or even the company that let me and many others go, I understand that ultimately it Is Business and Not Personal, but I definitely was impacted Very Personally indeed.
I’m happy to say that I truly believe that in the big picture of my life I have a strong faith and in Someone who’s plan for me is better than anything else I could come up with myself. I’ve learned it’s good to keep moving and that sometimes I make decisions about life when I want to, and other times life has a way of forcing insight and thought if I’m open to it.

Variety of work and life experiences

I have had a LOT of jobs growing up and an interesting career along the way, here are some highlights.
While still in jr. high I worked at Burger King and McDonald’s, (in that order 😊), later I worked as a laborer and an electrician’s helper in construction, after a year of college I joined the Army as a parachute infantryman, went to the 1st Gulf War, back to college to earn 2 degrees, worked as a production rigger, taught myself how to write computer programs, used my computer skills and more in fulltime Christian ministry and then continued as a computer software developer for many years, authored several books and helped other do the same…..

How I’ve come to a place to consider online business?

to getting to a place where I’m now learning ways to build online businesses as a possible way to provide some extra help for me and my family no matter what any current or future company may need to do and even help others do the same too!
I’ve seen over the years that my greatest skill has been to be creative, and gift has been to help others find ways to make their own visions / ideas grow into reality. This has been proven true in helping businesses I’ve worked for as well as helping individuals in their own journeys too.

So why have I become drawn into wanting to build an online business?

Amazing opportunity!

I think it’s the right time and a way to help my family have options and maybe help others find options as well.
There are a lot of different business models when I look at online business and there are tons of gurus and training programs to learn from, and just as many to stay away from.
Many can help a person to succeed and many exist just to take people’s money.
I love to learn and love to share with others so they may be able to get help and not get taken advantage of.

I was always scared to have “my own business” or “be my own boss”.

I’m a veteran, I’ve served in mission work, lived for years fully dependent on faith, and done many things that might frighten others to do or even consider doing, but trying to start a business or being my own boss has always terrified me.

What changed?

I got a new perspective.

I seemed to think that being my own boss and having my own business meant that I had to only lead and “start” everything, now I realized how I could lead by helping and serving others get to where they wanted to be. It didn’t have to be about me taking charge of everything and making everything happen. It could be about helping others find what they needed so that they could build and create something they wanted to.

Tons of courses, business models, and gurus, but who can you trust?

There are too many online training courses and gurus to know them all but I think that if we look we can find a mentor/trainer/training and business model that will work for us.
There are scammers and spammers online just like offline, probably way more online now days, so how have I found one that is a good fit for me, or how can you find one that is a good fit for you?
Truly the only way is to try and see for yourself and maybe save some time by finding honest and helpful reviews of others you trust along the way.
Keep in mind that some people’s reasons for dis-liking other business models and or training and the trainers may not really fit your own, so ultimately you still have to decide for yourself.

What I look for and why

Business Model

Is the business model something I might be interested in doing?
What is the “business”, how do I make money with it?
When do I see any return?
What’s the investment?
In training?
What are the true costs?
In time
In money
Is the training something I can follow?
Can I put what I’m being taught into practice or not?
Can I understand the training, is it being communicated in a way and a tone that I can receive?
Is there any proof that it might work for me?
Is there a community around the trainer and the training that I’d like to be a part of and be around?
Do they help each other?
Do they handle conflict in a way that I’m ok with?
Do they encourage in a way I can be ok with?
Are there clear and healthy boundaries in how to use the community and what to expect and get and give as a part of being involved in it?

I’ve tried a lot of business models and seen a lot of training

… and created a lot of reviews about a lot of them in videos, you can check that out Here.

I look forward to blogging about it all as a part of this journey now becoming a new level in my own online building and creation.

Currently I’m going through a process to create and sell an online product with the training and help of someone named John Thornhill.

How about you?

At this time I highly recommend looking into this course that I’m going and growing through now if you are looking for a way to start something for yourself.
If you have any questions about anything at all please contact me and I’ll respond.

To your success,